Sunday, January 19, 2014

Art in the Classroom 2nd Quarter - Jewelry Making

For our 2nd Quarter “Art in the Classroom”, we were lucky enough to have Merylyn Whited from Timberline Gallery volunteer to teach our students jewelry making.  She focused on creating components of jewelry that they can replicate at home to create jewelry and other fun items.  

Our 3rd through 8th grade students worked with creating paper beads and stringing them on copper wire.  Creations ranged from simple bracelets, to earrings and little “people”.  K-2nd grade worked with beads and noodles to make a necklace.  A big thank you to Mrs. Whited, along with Janet Morita (President of Timberline Gallery,) for donating their time and talent to our school.

To learn more about the gallery, visit their website:

If you have a child interested in art, they can apply for sponsorship to participate in Sierra Art Trails held October 2014.  This is a great opportunity for your budding artist to explore different mediums and start building their portfolio.